Tales From A Dusty Old Wine Diary

Text originally published Oct, 27, 2009.

Recently I rediscovered my first wine diary. It was a simple book I used to use to capture labels & tasting notes as I tried wines for the first time years ago. It’s an amazing trip down memory lane to see what I was sampling in my wine infancy. So many of these wines helped me form opinions I carry to this day, but there are also a few exceptions.

The first time I smelled Salice Salentino, I thought it smelled like feet – & not in a good way!

Perhaps the most embarrassing memory is a page devoted to 1998 Amberhill Vineyards Chardonnay. I recall tasting this wine with my companion at a lovely local restaurant and pairing it with duck! My tasting notes consist of two words: “Really buttery!” Yeah, no kidding! Take a California oak bomb Chardonnay and pair it with something it totally doesn’t go with & of course it’s not going to taste good! What was I thinking?! Though embarrassing, this marked one of the first times I was really paying attention to the smells & tastes in my glass.

I know another young wine writer who recently paired scallops with Zinfandel & that doesn’t sound good either. We’ve all had embarrassing pairings & I’d love to hear about yours.

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