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A funny drunken story

11 cm Sex Toy Left Inside Woman For Ten Years!

I was reading an insightful post on SexToys twitter feed (don’t ask me how I got there) when I accidentally clicked through to their womens range of vibrators (over 500+ toys!) and I realised just how mainstream sex toys are, and how their use is undervalued, unappreciated and certainly stigmatised – surely it’s sex positive position nowadays to embrace toys that make us happy?

Anyway .. here is a drunken sex toy story I read about ..

Every emergency room doctor has a few good stories and we love to hear them, especially when it comes to weird objects that they’ve found lodged inside patients. With a myriad of excuses

Wine Blogging Wednesday #62: A Grape By Any Other Name

This post originally appeared Oct. 15, 2009. When I moved to Tumblr, it was lost in the move. It’s my pleasure to resurrect it & say cheers to all my fellow Wine Blogging Wednesday peers.

Wine Blogging WednesdayIt’s been my pleasure to participate in the now time-honored tradition that is Wine Blogging Wednesday but this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure to host!

“A Grape By Any Other Name” is a semantic challenge to wine drinkers, thinkers, & linkers. Grape varietals often have more than one name & the aim is to taste wines labeled with their lesser-known varietal synonyms. Writers are encouraged to stretch & really find new varietals they’ve never tasted before. I’m awarding extra points

American Wine Life – Brought to you by Google

Google’s recent inclusion of Life Magazine’s entire archive in its Google Books feature details the rich tapestry of American life in the 20th Century. From 1936 to 1972, Life published 1,860 weekly issues & now Google has made them available for free.

You’ll find Richard Meryman’s famous last interview with Marilyn Monroe & Alfred Eisenstadt’s famous photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square on VJ Day. But what you’ll also find are more than 500 articles on wine life in America, from tasting notes to pairings, how to serve it, & much, much more. At the dawn of Life’s inception, America was slowly waking from the long national nightmare of Prohibition. During the magazine’s lifespan, American GIs

Tales From A Dusty Old Wine Diary

Text originally published Oct, 27, 2009.

Recently I rediscovered my first wine diary. It was a simple book I used to use to capture labels & tasting notes as I tried wines for the first time years ago. It’s an amazing trip down memory lane to see what I was sampling in my wine infancy. So many of these wines helped me form opinions I carry to this day, but there are also a few exceptions.

The first time I smelled Salice Salentino, I thought it smelled like feet – & not in a good way!

Perhaps the most embarrassing memory is a page devoted to 1998 Amberhill Vineyards Chardonnay. I recall tasting this wine with my companion at a

What’s the most ridiculous wine tasting note?

I offer this one, excerpted from Terry Theise’s “Reading between the Wines” which makes me think of this scene in Sideways:

“This dramatic wine has the burnish of torched sienna, that hint of Tuscan chicken, perhaps even pullets, that gamey, feathery aroma; a dishy first impression of guppies spawning & bracken roasting in the Castilian sun, & the high wind blowing from offshore when a garbage scow has recently run aground, not exactly fresh passion fruit, but passion fruit after it has been chewed by a horse that’s just run through a heathery dale, you know, sort of sopping wet fetlocks & old dogs; & the finish, oh, just a portrait of nasturtium, or shuttlecocks dipped in quince