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11 cm Sex Toy Left Inside Woman For Ten Years!

I was reading an insightful post on SexToys twitter feed (don’t ask me how I got there) when I accidentally clicked through to their womens range of vibrators (over 500+ toys!) and I realised just how mainstream sex toys are, and how their use is undervalued, unappreciated and certainly stigmatised – surely it’s sex positive position nowadays to embrace toys that make us happy?

Anyway .. here is a drunken sex toy story I read about ..

Every emergency room doctor has a few good stories and we love to hear them, especially when it comes to weird objects that they’ve found lodged inside patients. With a myriad of excuses as to why, medical literature is full of recorded instances of objects being left behind or getting stuck and one doctor from Scotland has been blessed with a rather exceptional story that we’re sure he’ll be bringing out at the pub for many a round to come.

In June of 2014 a 38 year old woman came into the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland. When she entered the emergency room she was shaking and suffering from mild incontinence. She reported to the doctor that she hadn’t been able to keep on any weight and while he found that she was also suffering from sepsis, a blood infection, it couldn’t explain all of her symptoms. Puzzled as to what was causing her condition the doctor turned to x-rays and what he discovered left the experienced physician with his jaw on the floor.

On the x-ray films a large object was shown wedged into her vagina and protruding into her bladder causing a potentially life threatening fistula. It needed to be surgically removed and the vaginal fistula repaired in order to save her life. Upon removal it was obvious that the object in the woman’s vagina was a sex toy and at least 11 cm long. When the patient was shown the toy she was astonished; the last time she had used it was during a drunken night with her partner ten years ago, and no surprise, she couldn’t remember if she had removed it!

The doctor was understandably shocked, especially considering that she was reported to have a normal IQ and was without any signs of psychosis or depression, nor was she subject to any abuse; she was just blackout drunk! And her forgetfulness could have caused life threatening damage.

Doctors have said that it’s extremely unusual for such a large foreign object to go unnoticed for such a large period of time, but it’s not unheard of. One couple from Canada had a nasty run in with some handcuff keys and her IUD requiring surgery to get the keys untangled from the IUD, and then we hope to unlocked her cuffs. Another woman, whom we can only assume had consumed several beverages, went to the hospital complaining of severe pain in her pelvis and private area.

Doctors found something that may be even more bizarre than a large sex toy – they found a poster of Donny Osmond. She had rolled it up and inserted it into her vagina then conveniently forgot to mention its presence. There’s no word on whether it was a baby-faced Donny or a more mature version of the idol, but we’re fairly sure that he didn’t visit this super fan in hospital.

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